8 Bathroom Trends for 2018

More than ever the bathroom is seen as a personal sanctuary, an important retreat for restoration rather than one of simple utility. With that in mind, here are 8 bathroom trends that are worthy of putting on your “must have” list!

1. Freestanding Tub – with back-to-the wall option, a freestanding tub can fit most bathrooms for luxury you will endlessly appreciate. Can be fitted with an over-the-tub shower.

2. More Storage – bathroom storage can be both beautiful and practical, saving you from hectic mornings and stressful nights readying the children and yourself for work and sleep. Why not turn one of the walls into a floor to ceiling shelving area or install a built-in closet with organiser if you prefer closed storage.

3. Multipanel Board – save yourself the hassle of maintaining and scrubbing tiles for an easy solution. Multipanel Board Panels are fitted behind your shower or bath for a seamless look.

4. Backlit or Illuminated LED Mirrors – for a soft eye-saving glow that saves you having to put the lights full on during your morning routine or evening wind down. Many also feature a demister and shaver plug-in.

5. Sound System – the strong emergence of Spotify and personal playlists has heightened the demand for music anywhere. Excellent sound and unobtrusive installation make this an easy choice.

6. Bathroom TV – now available up to 55” inches. Netflix & Chill while soaking away the day. High Definition, waterproof and will not steam up. Embeddable or wall mountable with an ultra thin finish.

7. Underfloor Heating Systems – energy efficient and temperature controlled for warmth underfoot. A thermostat ensures you are not paying more for heat than necessary. Contact us to discuss further.

8. Neutral Tones with Organic Undertones – we’ve not yet strayed to far from the neutral colour palette, but have added in organic texture such as wood or stone effect tiles for depth and interest. Bring in further textures with towels and accessories.


Is your bathroom looking tired and dated? Does it appear so “last year” (or perhaps last decade)? Feeling like a new look for the new year? Now is the time to clear out the old and in with the new! If this sounds like you, you may have been browsing through magazines, websites, brochures or our showroom and possibly left overwhelmed by the large range of products available out there. Why not let our experienced staff at Just Tiles N Bathrooms take the stress out of transforming your bathroom into the fresh, modern haven you deserve.

Our new purpose built consultation room is designed to allow a relaxed space to plan your bathroom with one of our experienced sales staff. Please bring along your measurements. If you’re stuck for ideas or want a visual, check out our Pinterest for bathroom design ideas you’ll love.

Most of us dream of having a large, luxurious bathroom where we can relax after a hard day’s work. Lovely if we have the space, or can extend, in order to make that dream come true. However, if that’s not possible, there are ways to make your small bathroom look bigger and yet stylish.

Have a look at our list of top tips for inspiration:


Wall mounted toilets and basins

Serve to free up valuable floor space in a small bathroom. They are available in various shapes, sizes and styles. They have the added advantage of being versatile, when it comes to positioning. They can be hung at whatever height is practical or desirable eg to accommodate children or wheelchair users. Just Tiles N Bathrooms offer a wide range of sanitary ware to suit all spaces.

Baths and shower units

In a small bathroom, the dominant feature is the bath or the shower unit. Traditional baths, whether fixed to the wall or free-standing, still have their place in today’s home but can limit space in smaller bathrooms. Consider how many times the bath is used and decide if it merits all of that valuable space. Removing the bath and replacing it with a large stylish shower unit can optimise your space. Alternatively, fit a shower above your bath with an on-trend shower screen. Or speak to our experts who can guide you through creating the perfect, up-to-date wet room which will be the envy of all your friends.

Concealed cistern

A concealed cistern is designed to be built into an existing wall or behind a new purpose-built wall. This also means that waste pipes are hidden from view, keeping visual clutter to a minimum. The new wall can then be extended and tiled, creating a shelf on which to place a basin and to hold all those necessities or decorative pieces.


The use of cleverly placed mirrors can create the illusion of space and greatly enhance the look of your small bathroom. They reflect natural or artificial light, so the larger the mirror the more pronounced the effect. Place the mirror on the wall directly across from the window, if possible, to create the illusion of another window. Also, consider placing it where the eye is drawn to first for maximum effect. A mirrored cabinet can double up to also provide much needed storage in a small bathroom. At Just Tiles N Bathrooms you can find a wide range of mirrors and cabinets, to help you achieve a bright airy look.

Use of tiles

With the huge selection of tiles available on the market today, it is important to choose the right tile to enhance your small bathroom. Consider using the same wall and floor tiles. This creates an uninterrupted flowing effect, making it feel more spacious. Stick to lighter, more neutral tones, as they open up and maximise the space. If choosing a darker tile, use it on the floor with a lighter tile on the wall. Clever use of mosaics in specific areas will add interest to your bathroom. Also think about using larger tiles as fewer grout lines creates the illusion of space. At Just Tiles N Bathrooms our experienced staff will be happy to share their vast knowledge on which tiles to use to achieve maximum effect.

A question that often arises in our shop is whether to install an electric shower or a power shower whenever you’re considering renovating a bathroom or installing a brand new one. To make an informed decision you have to be familiar with the merits and drawbacks of each, and which one best fits your purpose.

Firstly if we could consider the case of power showers. A power shower by definition is a shower which mixes hot and cold water from your water system and pumps it to the shower head. There are two main types of powershowers, one with an integrated pump and one with a separate pump usually housed in the hotpress or some other concealed place. Both are equally efficient with the separate pump version more aesthetically pleasing, but of course they are usually more expensive. The main benefits with power showers are they usually have a generous flow of water to the shower head, and they cost virtually nothing to run. They usually have a long working life and are manufactured by all the leading brands. The downside is the pump can sometimes be noisy particularly when fitted to a stud wall and, of course, you need to have warm water in your system before you start, to ensure a cosy shower.

Electric showers have their merits too, the main one being you can have a shower at the drop of a hat, no need for warm water in the tank- you’re good to go at any time. Electric showers are fed from the mains water supply, and need to have a heavy cable directly to the metre board. There is of course a huge range on the market, all of which are working on the same principle. Because electric showers have to heat water instantly they tend to have quite a restricted flow but one manufacturer has come up with a remedy: adding hot air to create the illusion of a better flow, meaning you might think you have more water without any more actually being there. Electric showers tend to be relatively cheap to buy and might sound the obvious choice, but bear in mind every shower you take costs to heat the water (about the same as 3 electric kettles going at once).

To sum up, electric showers do have a place in a modern home, but the merits of power showers far outweigh its electric counterpart. Of course no argument is so easily won and this argument can stand a lot of debate in most homes and can only really be answered by the individual homeowner and family. The best solution is to have one of each, then you can enjoy the benefits of both!



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